Getting the right Wedding Hairstyle

Besides the choice of the wedding gown, the bride’s selection of the wedding hairstyle is such a momentous decision. There are so many options that it certainly can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Extensive planning and the expertise of a skilled hair stylist can transform a dream of beautiful hair on the wedding day into a reality.
The time to begin planning your wedding hairstyle is soon after the wedding gown has been selected. Usually, that is four to six months before the wedding. The shape of the wedding gown will help to guide which hairstyle will be complimentary. Fitted gowns call for elegant and smooth hairstyles. Flowing long gowns are better suited for softer styles. Fabrics also can determine the right wedding hairstyle. Light fabrics will complement wispy curls and textured hair. For example, a chiffon wedding dress is so beautiful when the bride wears a loose pouf in the back. It is a soft look. In contrast, structured barrel curls or smooth hair will balance heavy fabrics.

Another aspect to help choose the perfect bridal hairstyle is whether the wedding is a daytime or evening event. An updo is perfect for all wedding situations. The classic updo such as the French twist, chignon or half-up styles will be lovely for day or night. Also, an updo allows for the bride’s radiant face to take center stage. A day ceremony is considered informal so hair down with loose curls would be appropriate.
For the ultimate in romanticism, a bride should consider whether curls will be part of the wedding hairstyle. Whether her hair is short and wants all-over curls, or long hair with cascading curls, it is a stunning visual and the essence of feminine beauty.

The bride can use other resources in order to help in the decision-making process. Bridal fairs as well as bride magazine will show dozens of hairstyle options. Consult with your hair stylist along with pictures of your wedding dress. Schedule a couple appointments with your stylist to see what specific hairstyles will look like. Wear a white shirt with a neckline similar to the wedding dress so that you can see how the hairstyle and neckline will look together. Enlist the opinions of the bridesmaid and see which hairstyle they like.

Ultimately, when a bride is having difficulties in choosing between an updo and hair worn long, it is possible to combine the best of both of these options. A half–up style is a great compromise because it combines the elegance and formality of an updo with the softness of the hair flowing free. Another wedding hairstyle that meets halfway between an updo and long flowing hair is the bridal side ponytail. The ponytail is pulled to one side and showcases beautiful loose curls. A tiara added to the crown and the bride looks like a beautiful princess.

The key to achieving the right hairstyle for your wedding day is to be flexible and open to the advice of others while listening to your instincts. That is exactly how the beginning of a marriage should be.