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Flip your head over towards the front. With a pick or large comb tease your roots. Pests with small fast strokes until you feel a nest forming at your roots. Give it a little spray with Joico Ice Finisher’s a bit to keep adding. Flip your hair back and assuming your standing position with your brush and smooth your hair into the desired shape.

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Prom Hairstyles

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Prom Hairstyles
You can use a large brush if you want to know more definition in your updo see.
Start with the back of your hair and grab a piece of her as you are doing a ponytail. Twist clockwise market and put your bobby pins in. Four to six usually do and do not forget to criss-cross the bobby pins if you feel a bit of support in the back of your raised. Take your top piece that is very light and turn left.

Once this is secure and you have the desired height you want on top, pin down with 2 bobby pins. See Reese Witherspoon. Take each side to turn it back safely to the summit building in a pile. Fix your bangs and pull one back for her, left over and secure with a hairpin.